About me and history..

I was born in '73 in Budapest. I started on 8-bit Commodore home computers in BASIC and assembly. Then came the wonderful 32-bit Amiga. When this machine died out, I bought a PC, which was first disappointing. Programming was not fun and inspiring anymore. But it's cheap and diverse with a lot of powerful components, lot of potentials, so I had to move on. Intel assembly was never for me after the pure and logic 68k Motorola and I have no experience with that either (neither will). Instead, first started to do high level programming languages on the PC: Visual Basic, Visual C++, JAVA, HTML, scripting; worked a lot with SQL, OLAP, GIS, DOTNET and ASP DOTNET. Then I begun to miss low level system and hardware programming and moved to pure C back again and started to think about an operating system, which is simple and fun, just like the first Amiga OS was in 1985. Operating system development, or osdev, is everything! It touches all aspects of computer programming: from hardware register banging to high level OO abstraction, reusable components, GUI - as I'm most interested in graphics. This project was the initiator of almost all other small projects I did in my free time, driving the need for system software on bare hardware.

Program design and programming for me is hobby, profession, art, sculpting, engineering, all that is creative in me can be put into code! A wonderful world.

I hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a DVM in Veterinary Sciences.

I program. All the times.

I gladly answer e-mails to tarpai76 at gmail. I am also looking for people with exciting projects and developing applications.


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