Programming works

On this personal website I try to collect all my programming projects, interests and efforts, articles, source code I worked on as a free-time programmer, software engineer. It stands here for reference, for a few friends and possible employers - and of course for others who might be interested... Welcome again, you're still reading!

I'm really sloppy with documenting what I do, improving on that is another goal with this web site.

Documents will come slowly. I believe "Program documentation is the source code itself".

My main interest is in system software design, operating system development, hardware (device driver) development, accelerated 2D-graphics. Lately I mostly work on image- and video decoders. All implemented in C, C++ and little assembly. Here is a list of some projects I would like to share and document:

Project documentation is difficult, I think, it is never finished: there is always some space for improvement in performance, code reuse, new ideas, etc. Very difficult to let them go.. So, I set up some minimal requirements (MR), which have to be implemented, and all kinds of TODO-s above that. Another difficult line to draw.

I am not affiliated with any commercial company by any means.